About pretzelhands

About pretzelhands

Hi there. I'm Richard. Most people have taken to calling me 'Pretzel', though. Feel free to use either as you see fit. I'm not particularly fuzzy about it. That's me in that image there!

I am a part-time freelancer, primarily working with PHP and JavaScript.

In the past two to three years I've been leisurely building some side projects. Some cool ones include Notebag and jinx.

Some of the technical topics I keep close to my heart are online payments, e-commerce and automation. I love it when things are pleasant to use and make people happy!

Outside of sitting at my computer and hacking away on things, I enjoy a good coffee, cooking, traveling and hiking. If you know any neat recipes, you should totally send them to me!

If you want to know what I'm up to, you should either follow me on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS feed or even subscribe to the newsletter!

Also be sure to say hi sometime! I promise I don't bite.