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Day 6

Back to the roots with Laravel

TL;DR: I’m having a slight paradigm shift in my thinking from SPAs to a more traditional approach of web development with Laravel and Vue.js

Over this past week I’ve been watching a lot of Laracasts to get myself familiarized with Laravel. I’ve been interested in the framework for a while now, but never really got around to learn about it properly. However for building TaskZen I felt like it would be a great chance to hunch down and get to it.

For those of you who are not familiar with the framework: Laravel is a plain-old MVC framework for PHP. I can already hear some of you groaning, but bear with me here. It could be considered the equivalent of Rails for Ruby or Sails for the Node ecosystem. It offers you everything you need to build a web application and do it fast! It has a wonderful ORM, an integrated Websocket interface, even a complementary library for subscription handling. Overall, it seemed very well equipped to be handling a SaaS-type web application.

While diving deeper into the ecosystem I noticed that contrary to The Internet’s love for React, they were on the side of the lovely Vue.js. And watching Jeffrey Way build a web application with Laravel made me note, that he did not only use Laravel to build a simple RESTful API. No, he used all it had to offer from session management, user authentication, CSRF validation etc

And Vue is only a small building block. Most of his sites are plain old HTML enhanced with interactive functionality by the way of JavaScript. And that just seemed beautiful to me. I love JavaScript, but sometimes it feels like a lot of work to handle everything on the client-side, when there’s such wonderful solutions for the backend side of things as well.

I feel like the approach of building a standard web application enhanced with JavaScript in simple components is the way I want to build most of my projects in the future and Laravel seems to be a great toolkit to accomplish this.

It doesn’t mean I throw React out of the window forever. I still love that ecosystem a lot! It’s just that right now I feel like taking a simpler, more established approach of web development feels right to me. To have yet another tool in my box of wonders that I can choose from.

Because not everything has to be a SPA.