Electron Vue Vuex PostCSS Node.js PHP Lumen

After my time at Wirecard I found myself with a pandemic killing off all my prospective work and a decent amount of savings on my hands. So I decided to go all-in on something that I've always wanted to do: Build my own product. Start to finish.

I had always been bothered by note taking apps being clunky to use. I always had to find the window in all of the ones I had open. It was massively breaking my concentration at work. Then I wondered, what if I could bring up a note app with a global key combination? And what if it had Markdown? And what if I could control the entire thing with a keyboard?

Over the course of 2 months of full-time work, that became Notebag! Written in Electron with Vue and PostCSS and possessing a licensing backend written in PHP. On May 4th I posted it to ProductHunt where it quickly became #1 Product of the Day. From May until October the app achieved lifetime revenues of roughly $2000.

When it became clear I had to focus more on other work again, I made the app open-source on GitHub where it gathered over 100 stars until now.

I loved working on this project and I hope I get to do another one at some point!