Series overview

Series overview

Every now and then I write about a topic numerous times. Whether it be, because the idea is too large to comfortably fit into a single blog post or because I found out something new about the topic at hand.

That's what series are for. They are curated collections of posts on various topics, so you can read more of the things you're *really* interested in.

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world right now. Aside from fun features such as stickers and group chats, it also has a great chat bot API! Let's take a look on how you can build something cool with it

It's one of the most important communication mediums in the 21st century and yet it's among the most hated technologies of web developers and designers. This series explores just why email is so hard to pin down and what you can do to avoid losing all your nerves.

Learn how to integrate Paddle to accept payments for the thing you made! Starting from one-time purchase products we'll work up our way to subscriptions and how to generate license keys!

Shell scripting 3 posts

Learn about some of the intricacies of shell scripting from quickly parsing command line arguments, to making your output more beautiful than you could have ever imagined!